Each of the five townhouse units feature three floors of living space, connected by a staircase wrapped around a private elevator. Sharing the lowest level with a 2-car garage at the rear is a flex space and entry from grade as shown in the rendering above. Of the three bedrooms, two are master suites. We located one of the masters on the mid level for convenience to kitchen, dining, and living spaces. The other master suite on the third floor occupies the "money" side with grand views of downtown Greenville. 

One end of the building, shown here, fronts onto another city street and must abide by Greenville's development standards for street-facing facades, including 20% of surface area designated as windows. The trellis and masonry screen wall hides the sights and some sounds of the condensing units. The covered porches break up the building plane and put some active living space on the city street.